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Meet Our Print Techs, The M & M Team, Margaret "Red" & Melissa

Our print tech team, is turning out top-notch, UV-printed enclosures. Whether the customer wants a few words or full color printing on the face or every side, we've got you covered. We will focus on working with our customers to ensure satisfaction with a test print before completing each order.

The artwork needs to be saved in our templates as a .PDF or .EPS file (created in Adobe Illustrator and not Photoshop). It must be in CMYK, not RGB. And it must be vectored, not rasterized. It also needs to be at least 300 dpi resolution. All fonts must be converted to shapes or the font file must be included. There is no additional charge for multi-color designs.

Please upload a template when placing your order through the Customize an Enclosure section. All printing templates can be downloaded through product page UV Printing options area. All graphics must stay inside the green safety border! Please note, you must purchase powder coating with UV printing; we cannot print on bare metal as the ink will not cure properly. If your graphics do not follow all of these guidelines, we will request you re-submit them correctly. If you have any questions, please email the M & M team at [email protected].