Pedal Parts Plus Product Quality Policy

As the premier provider in high-quality custom effects enclosures, we strive for perfection. As a small-batch operation, the goal for perfection is limited by the quality of the enclosures and the fact that our processes are not high-production, robot-controlled processes. We must adjust our expectations to these limitations. Below, we will list the limitations and their effects on the final product. Keep in mind as you read, a sheet of paper is 3-thousands of an inch thick.
  • Enclosures are not perfect from the factory; they can and do have small marks in the metal, which may be visible after powder coating. If damaged enough, we reject the enclosure, but because so many have minor issues, some do make their way to the final product. Please be aware: enclosures are sold as is, powdercoated or not.

  • Enclosures are cast aluminum. Cast aluminum can and does contain impurities, which may escape from the enclosure during powder-coat processes. We take all precautions, as recommended by the powder manufactures, including, but not limited to, cleaning each enclosure with denatured alcohol, "outgassing" the enclosures in an oven for one hour, and handling the enclosures with gloves to prevent the transfer of impurities to the enclosure. All of this does not ensure a perfect enclosure. "Pitting" can and does occur. When this happens, we will reject enclosures that do not meet our high standards, but if there are only a few minor imperfections, we accept the enclosure. The color you choose has an impact on the visibility of pitting.

  • Enclosures are not identical in size, varying often by 8- to 10-thousands of an inch and up to 15-thousands at the worst. This affects the accurate placement of drilling, and due to this variance, our drilling is guaranteed accurate to 15-thousands of an inch. Please keep in mind, this variance in size can also affect the accuracy of the printing.

Printing is another area to address as part of our quality control. As stated previously, small batch operations are not robot controlled. UV printing involves placing the enclosures on a printer bed by hand and eye. Fixtures cannot be used because we print on many different-sized enclosures every day, and the fixtures would need to be changed out frequently, resulting in inaccuracies in the final product. We do, however, guarantee our printing to within 18-thousands of an inch. There are many things you can do to improve printing results, such as not using borders and dial indicators.
While we strive to produce the best quality possible, any tighter tolerances would require the rejection of a large percentage of product, thus resulting in a substantial increase in cost to you, our customer. As with most things in life, compromise is a factor and must be considered. We respect the fact that some of our customers desire perfection, and we feel we offer a great compromise between a perfect product and an affordable product.