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Need to contact customer service? Requesting a quote? Information about shipping or a recent order?
[email protected]

Wondering something about powder coating? Need help from our specialist, Red? Too bad, she doesn't have her own email yet, but you can contact [email protected], and I'll get her to help you out.

Inquiry for our M&M team, our print techs? Have a question about graphics or template requirements?
[email protected]

Want to get in touch with Nick, our machinist? Have a question about drilling or template requirements?
[email protected]

We respond to emails pretty quickly, but if quick isn't quick enough. Call us at (985) 956-7023 between the hours of 9am-4pm CST.

Sending us something?
Pedal Parts Plus
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Where can I find the template for a particular enclosure?
  • All drill templates can be uploaded through product page Drilling options area when customizing an enclosure.
What are the requirements for drilling?
  • In order to ensure perfection for your custom drilled enclosures, Nick needs measurements from center lines both vertically and horizontally for each hole. Hole sizes need to be provided in decimals and inches, not fractions or millimeters. Coordinates are an alternative option. The template can be a simple drawing, as long as it provides the exact measurements needed for drilling.
What if my enclosure has PCB-mounted parts?
  • Please send a mock-up PCB to us at 16066 Lamonte Dr, Hammond, LA 70403 to ensure correct alignment.
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Powder Coating

What are your most durable colors?
  • Usually textures tend to be the most durable.
Why does the deluxe tier cost more?
  • Every color in the deluxe tier is actually two powders, a basecoat and a topcoat. Twice the work and time.
Where can I see samples of the colors?
  • Click here or the left-hand menu of the website, under Services, Powder Coating, and click on each tier.
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UV Printing

Where can I find the template for a particular enclosure?
  • All printing templates can be uploaded through product page UV Printing options area when customizing an enclosure.
What are the requirements for printing?
  • The artwork needs to be a .PDF or .EPS file (created in Adobe Illustrator and not Photoshop). It must be a CMYK file, not RGB. And it MUST BE VECTORED, not rasterized. It also needs to be at least 300dpi resolution. All fonts must be converted to shapes or the font file must be included.
Can you print a full image or only words? Is it more expensive?
  • When can print either just words or a full-color image without an additional charge.
How will I know my graphics are right before you print on my enclosure(s)?
  • Don't worry; we'll send you up to two free test prints to ensure all graphics meet your approval.
Why are there lines in my test print?
  • We print on the lowest quality setting to preserve ink for the final print.
Can the color of my font be changed?
  • We can alter your graphics any way to fit your liking, however, you may incur a graphic design charge of 45/hr.
What if I can't find an answer to my question?

Pedal Parts Plus

Our Story

We want our customers to feel like family because that's how we do business in Southern Louisiana.

As the new owners of Pedal Parts Plus, we strive to maintain the exemplary reputation of this family-owned, Louisiana-based company and to constantly improve ourselves to exceed our customers’ expectations. The new owner, Randy Landry, has been in the Harmonica Effect Pedal business for over a decade. He started out building each pedal by himself in his garage and now owns the largest, handmade, harmonica effect pedal business. He understands the needs of both the boutique customers as well as the DIYers without being in direct competition with them. Missy, his wife, fills the role of manager; along with Nick, the machinist; Red, the powder coater and the print tech.

Mission Statement

Pedal Parts Plus is dedicated to providing quality products and services to the boutique effect pedal industry and Do-It-Yourselfers worldwide. We specialize in analog electronic components, aluminum enclosures to house effect pedals, and services such as drilling, powder coating, and UV printing. Our goal is to give our customers an excellent product promptly, all while keeping them up to date throughout the process. Our customers may not find us to be the cheapest service, but we are the best.

Customer Service

Customer service is paramount to all of us here at Pedal Parts Plus. We start with the assurance that the job requirements are understood in each department and check with the customer for any clarifications required. We perform quality checks at each stage and update the customer while the order progresses. We keep our customers notified when things run smoothly, and if there is a snag, we give our customers accurate ETAs and make every effort to meet them. We also solicit and listen to customer feedback to ensure we continue to be the finest effect pedal parts supplier available.