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Meet Our Machinist, Nick

Nick, a certified machinist, heads up our drilling department. We have made many improvements, including new and improved templates for the CNC, a new mill/drill machine, and eliminating the flashing template system. Our efforts have led to improved accuracy and consistency. In addition, Nick has perfected a process for aligning IN and OUT jack holes perfectly across from each other.

In order to ensure perfection for your custom drilled enclosures, Nick needs measurements from center lines both vertically and horizontally for each hole. Hole sizes need to be provided in decimals and inches, not fractions or millimeters. Coordinates are an alternative option, but we will not accept measurements taken from the enclosure sides. The template can be a simple drawing, as long as it provides the exact measurements needed for drilling. If you have PCB-mounted parts, please send a mock-up PCB to us at 16066 Lamonte Dr, Hammond, LA 70403 to ensure correct alignment. Please note, if we find any errors in your template, you may incur additional charges.

Please upload a template when placing your order through the Customize an Enclosure section. All drill templates can be uploaded through product page Drilling options area. If you have any questions, please email Nick at [email protected].